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This group class is designed for beginners, and those who have already built the foundation and want to keep it solid! . Students will learn how to set-up and break-down equipment, personalize reformer settings, focus on breathing, body-awareness and the core principles that constitute the Pilates repertoire.


Kick it up a notch! The Intermediate Reformer level is appropriate for students who have a clear understanding of basic Pilates principles in addition to the strength, endurance and coordination necessary to be successful in this more challenging format.


This class level is designated for the seasoned Pilates participant, who has mastered both the Essential and Intermediate Level reformer workouts. This class will challenge strength, endurance and the neuromuscular system with every exercise.


Cardio + Pilates = Results! Slim down and tone up as we combine Intermediate Level Reformer and cardio, in an interval style class designed to stimulate both cardiovascular and muscular effectiveness. This non-stop 30 minute class will include intervals of plyometrics using our JumpBoard! The board provides a soft landing surface, allowing a challenging workout without excess stress on your joints. You’ll get the heart rate up, calorie burn up, and lose the fat!


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